Best Colors to Wear as a Redhead in the Fall

Of course, earth tones persist as colors for redheads to wear. Fall trends point to dark colors. As people say, redheads wear it best. In fact, several colors will inevitably prove gorgeous and accentuate red hair, this fall.

Luckily, the fall season remains relatively warm enough to not force redheads to make the same expensive winter coat the focal point of the outfit. It’s also a season cold enough to wear layers, which means redheads can wear color combinations. Of course, there are no rules. However, here are some ideas to make the most out of fall.

Dark green

The leaves are changing from green to fall-themed colors, which leaves room for redheads to stand out with dark green hues that will highlight a redhead’s best features. Dark green juxtaposed with red locks will not only encourage present company to focus on the rarity of red hair, but also focus on the redhead’s eyes. Dark green and red hair, as contrasting colors, prove potent.

Color combinations that go well with green include brown and beige. Although it’s tempting to wear green skinny jeans, it’s not advisable to wear green pants. Rather, redheads will find that it’s more flattering to wear green sweaters or green shirts in the fall with blue jeans. An opened brown or beige jacket for layering, and black leather boots will look sharp. It’s also great for a redheads to pair this color combination with simple earrings to accentuate his or her red hair even more.

Navy Blue

Navy blue works effectively, just like green does. Rather than wash out your skin, navy blue compliments fair skin and red hair. Plus, it’s a staple for any wardrobe.

A redhead can build a wardrobe with blue and black articles of clothing because of how many possibilities exist by pairing different layers. Rather than buy an entirely new wardrobe, a consumer can add to an existing wardrobe by using various combinations of the same clothes. Supposedly, French people tend to utilize this wardrobe tactic. Black ankle boots, for example, will look sleek and work with several other outfits.


Burgundy may clash with red hair. However, it’s a color trend for fall. A redhead can wear a suede burgundy jacket well if he or she wears a piece that pulls that outfit together. For example, he or she can incorporate a little bit of burgundy in a place other than the jacket. Evidence exists that a plaid, dark green scarf with a burgundy line in the pattern will give the redhead variation and look sophisticated with a suede burgundy jacket.

Moreover, the suede does not have to stay burgundy. Redheads can modify trends to personalize any look. In fact, it seems the 2019 consensus is that redheads can wear red well, despite any criticism against redheads wearing red.

Light peach or Beige

A light shirt will bring out a redhead’s hair. Explicitly, the shirt will work best, if he or she incorporates a dark scarf or a jacket. Moreover, it’s necessary to wear darker pants. Although earth tones generally suit redheads, light colors pair well with layers. If the redhead only wears light colors, some of his or her features may not stand out as much.


This color seems distinctly fall themed. A leather jacket in a similar hue may fare well with a light shirt and black jeans. Beige might even compliment a camel-colored piece of clothing.

Floral dresses

Floral dresses look like a part of this year’s fall trend. Dark floral patterns draw attention to a redhead’s hair. Plus, the flower print will give any redhead a fresh look aside from the normal plain prints.

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