Best Hair Rehab Products for Redheads

The majority of natural redheads have deceivingly thick hair. A redhead’s hairdo will appear to have normal consistency, but the strands prove thick. That’s why any redheaded friend will take a decade to blow-dry her hair. It’s not necessarily because she’s high maintenance and intentionally making you late to an event. It’s because each strand practically equates to two strands. Moreover, in order to manage inevitable frizz after blow-drying her hair, she will use a straight iron. With excessive blow-drying, heating and washing, red hair requires rehab.

Anyone can recognize when a redhead needs hair rejuvenation because he or she will show evidence of hair loss. Unfortunately for redheads, it’s easy for a person to spot the culprit of the shedding because red hair does not share the same hue as its brunette counterparts. Unless a dog nearby shares the same red shade, there’s usually not a lot of other redheads to blame. To avoid needing a canine scapegoat, it’s important for a redhead to seek effective hair loss and damage solutions. Ultimately, here’s a list of the best hair rehab products for redheads.


It’s fairly common knowledge that it’s best for a person to wash his or her hair occasionally, rather than every day. A natural redhead will want to avoid using shampoo regularly because some products will make hair especially dry. Explicitly, some shampoo companies will add sodium chloride (table salt) and sulfates to make the product last longer and stay thick. Since redheads generally have dry hair already, it’s detrimental to use salty shampoo daily.

In lieu of products that contain damaging ingredients, some people suggest various DIY shampoo options. Although making homemade alternatives may turn into an enjoyable activity for some people, it’s seemingly more feasible for most redheads to find products online or at a nearby store:

Marc Anthony’s Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter

Even though coconut oil may seem like a trendy buzzword and product of the beauty industry, but it’s a necessary ingredient for a redhead’s washing routine. The coconut oil will act as a detangling solution, which will solve problems for redheads with frizzy hair. Plus, it will make the hair feel soft, shiny and healthy. Not only will coconut oil feel soothing initially, it will also prevent breakage. If a redhead notices his or her hair shedding all over creation, it’s probably a good choice to turn to products with coconut oil.

Shea Moisture’s Curl & Shine Shampoo

By not including any sulfates, Shea Moisture designed the product to combat frizz. The product proves best to use before using a curling iron, rather than a straightener because it’s designed for curls. Moreover, a redhead can use the curl & shine shampoo to manage natural waves.

Dry shampoo

A redhead may want to wash his or her hair less to preserve its color and prevent hair loss. As a supplement, a redhead can use dry shampoo to cut down on washing every day because the product will make the hair appear less greasy and clean. Moreover, a redhead can use dry shampoo to circumvent using a straighter or curling iron for styling to give the hair rehabilitation from heat damage.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo

Redheads can use this dry shampoo to achieve beachy waves. Dry shampoo can help the hair recover from frequently using heat styling.

UV protection

Most everyone knows that the majority of redheads have skin that shows a definite intolerance towards sunlight. However, it’s less known that UV rays affect redheads’ hair. Even for natural redheads, red hair will fade with sun exposure.

Shiseido’s Refreshing Sun Protection Spray

Even though Shiseido seems expensive, its products prove high quality. This particular Shiseido product contains SPF 50.


Moroccan oil can help redheads manage frizz. By using a small amount of oil, redheads can rejuvenate hair follicles by putting less strain on the hair with heat and excess washing.

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