Forget Blondes and Brunettes: Why Redheads Have the Most Fun

When you look at videos of beautiful redheads, it’s hard not to become mesmerized by them. After all, they have a striking beauty to which nothing else compares. Even when you look at the most sexy blonde videos, you will always find yourself drawn back to the carefree, laid back, and fun-loving nature of a redhead. But, why do redheads have more fun, and why are they are so unique and attractive?

They Stand Out in a Crowd

Redheads make up only one or two percent of the population, which means that they are going to stand out everywhere they go naturally. It’s not their fault. When brunettes and blondes surround you, it only takes one redhead to walk into the room and get heads turning. Redhead women now know how to use that to their advantage. Just look at any videos of beautiful redheads to see them in action!

They Have More Sex

While it’s hardly a ground-breaking study or one that the world needed in the first place, there is now proof that shows redheaded women have more sex. That surely equates to fun, right? Professor Dr. Werner Habermehl studied the sex lives of hundreds of women, deducting that hair color corresponded with the number of engagements.

The survey also found that redheaded women are fiery and passionate both in and out of the bedroom. While the almost-bossy and strong-willed nature of redheaded women may have something to do with the more intimate bedroom sessions, you won’t see or hear of many men complaining!

Red Draws Men In

When you view videos of beautiful redheads then watch sexy blonde videos, which one lures you in the most? Most men will say the redhead did, and there is a reason for it. Red has a psychological connection with power, success, and strength. Men are naturally drawn to this color, meaning when they view videos of beautiful redheads, they feel a stronger connection.

What’s more, redheaded women are, as a rule of thumb, confident, strong, powerful, fiery, and passionate. While they stand out from the crowd in looks alone, their personality is equally as attractive and dominating.

They Have Genetic Super Powers

If you knew you had genetic superiority, you would have more fun in life too, wouldn’t you? Science and studies show that redheads have higher pain thresholds, require less Vitamin D, and feel temperature changes more obviously than others. While these traits might not be so apparent in videos of beautiful redheads, they will become evident if your significant other is a redhead. What’s more, it’s a hair color you can’t fake, so you will always tell whether the women in videos of beautiful redheads genuinely do have red hair.