Reason to Want to Date a Redhead

If you know a redhead, chances are you are attracted to him or her. Well, who could blame you because they look so great. If you are looking for reasons to want to date a redhead, then you just need to keep scrolling.

Redheads are Rare

Believe it or not, a redhead is born only when both parents have the MC1R ‘ginger gene’. Even then only 25 percent chances are there that a redhead would be born. So, if you want to date a rarely born person, a redhead is a good choice.

Ginger Babies

If you date a redhead, the probability of having ginger babies also increases so your child would be a rare one.

Sexy Freckles

Freckles look extremely cute on the redheads, and they give you a year-round reminder of the fun you had in the summers.

Ageless Partners

As redheads need to take extra care of their skin when the sun is up, their chances of getting wrinkles or fine line reduces. Hence, they remain ageless over the years.

No Grey Hair

Another reason to date redheads is that they don’t have grey hair. When they turn old, their red hair turns silvery white thanks to a process known as achromotrichia. The silvery hair would be as irresistible as their red hair in most cases, and you won’t be able to help but admire it.

They Smell Good

The smell of your partner should matter when picking the right date. Redheads can prove to be a good bet because they smell like amber and violet according to a popular author Augustin Galopin.

Cute Nicknames

Another reason to date a redhead is that you can give them a cute nickname like red, ginger, rusty, etc. These nicknames will add a new adorableness to your relationship and help you stay strong for long.

They Stand Out

You should also seriously consider dating a redhead because they stand out in a crowd. You can spot them easily thanks to their bright flaming hair even if you are at a crowded place like the Times Square.

They are Irresistible

Once you date a redhead, you will be hooked on the type, and you will not be able to refrain yourself from either taking the relationship to the next level. Even if it doesn’t work out with one redhead, the chances are high that you will look for another redhead to a date later on.

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