Redhead Problems: Common Issues Only Gingers Understand

Being a redhead is not easy. You constantly have to save your skin from the sun or think about freckles. Well, the list is quite long. This is why we have mentioned the redhead problems, common issues only gingers understand so that you understand that you are not alone and the entire redhead community is with you.

The Sun Threat

Most redheads spend most of their life in hiding their fair skin from the sun because if they get out in the sun, their skin starts bubbling like hot bacon. The result, redheads invest a lot of money in sunscreen and scarves.

The Painful Truth

It is also a fact that most redheads are sensitive to pain. Even a tiny amount of pain seems gigantic to them, and they are ready to do almost anything to avoid pain.

Slathering on the Sunscreen

As mentioned before, redheads need to wear a lot of sunscreen to ensure that their skin stays protected. When a redhead fails to do that, he or she not only has to deal with red looking skin but also very real issues like skin peeling and even bleeding.

Finding Freckles Everywhere

Believe it or not, the freckles you find amazing on a redhead are not as cute as they look. They are quite embarrassing, especially when you constantly have to answer questions like whether your freckles come from a giraffe.

No Dye Please

Redheads often have to go through a lot of painstaking details if they want to dye their hair otherwise they end up making fools of themselves.

Being Demonized

Many people think redheads are evil which is so not cool!

Character Assassination

People also think that if you are a redhead, you have a loose character or an unusual thirst for sex. Really? Who can prove that?

The Nicknames

If you are a redhead, you will mostly be addressed with surnames like ginger, red, fiery, etc. Not everyone likes that you know.

Eyebrows Don’t Exist

Redheads often spend a lot of time in penciling their eyebrows.

Is the Hair Real?

This is one of the most annoying questions redheads are being asked. Yes, the hair is real. I can show you school photos or better yet my photos as an infant to prove it. In fact, that’s my wallpaper right now. Have a look and see for yourself that I am not lying!

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