The Best Self-Tanners for Freckles

Most redheads discover from an early age that sun tanning isn’t designed for redheaded skin. After a redheaded kid’s ears blister and peel from not applying SPF 50, it’s not difficult to deduce that he or she does not tolerate sun exposure in the same way that his or her peers do. Years later, after spending a day working outside, a redhead may mistake a layer of dirt for a tan. That will seem exciting until he or she washes off the dirt in the shower and find the loss similar to peeling off burnt skin. In either case, it’s inevitable that the redhead will find an even more white layer of skin than before. In the end, redheads “tan” by acquiring enough freckles from UV rays to seem a darker shade. That fact remains unequivocal unless the redhead invests in self-tanner.

Rather than accumulating a plethora of freckles from the sun, in order to appear tan, redheads can use self-tanner to manage freckles. Some redheads find freckles endearing. If that’s the case, he or she can preserve them by applying low concentrations of self-tanner slowly and steadily. Plus, redheads can create freckles with self-tanner. Conversely, redheads can hide freckles by generously applying heavy self-tanner.

Redheads replace sun exposure with self-tanner. That means suffering less from UV rays and subsequently applying significantly less Aloe Vera to relieve sunburns. For any redheads looking to tan and simultaneously avoid skin cancer, here’s a list of the best self-tanners for freckles.

Beauty By Earth

For evidence that this product stands as one of the best self-tanners for redheads and freckle management, there’s a handful of positive Amazon reviews. It’s likely that the prospective tan redhead will avoid painting himself or herself orange by using the product. Otherwise, a lot of the online reviews would probably steer customers away from the product with stories about orange residue.

Coola Organic Sunless Tan Body Dry Oil

This product works as a gradual self-tanner. The ingredients prove organic and include Aloe Vera. t’s definitely more expensive than other products. Supposedly, it has a better feel, post-application than other brands. Gradual application should help the user to manage freckles, as wanted.

Self Tanner Sunless Tanning Lotion

Seemingly product does not cause breakouts. In general, it’s important to clean the skin thoroughly before applying any self-tanning lotion. The company designed the product for people with various skin tones, including fair skin. A consumer can receive a refund, within 30 days of buying the product, if it doesn’t work.

TanOrganic Natural Self-Tanning Lotion

One of the main ingredients in this self-tanner is Aloe Vera. Supposedly, the company made the product more environmentally friendly and organic than its self-tanning counterparts. People with fair and sensitive skin benefit from this lotion.

Tan Towel Self-Tan Towelette

It’s important for redheads to check the label for fair to medium skin, rather than buy the towelettes for medium to dark skin – for the sake of maintaining a natural appearance. The tan towel product might serve as the best option because it’s an easy way to apply the self-tanning product. The alternative involves squeezing lotion out of a bottle. It’s more likely that the user will have a more consistent color with towelettes because of increased usability. The redhead merely needs to use the towelettes, or wipes, to spread the self-tanner.

Ibiza Sun Self-Tanning Towelettes

Although these towelettes prove more expensive than the aforementioned Tan Towel towelettes, the Ibiza Sun company markets the product as containing organic ingredients. Supposedly, one size fits all – meaning that a person with any skin tone can gradually apply the product. The Ibiza Sun company created resealable packaging, so a redhead does not have to use the towelettes all at once.

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